LDS Mutual: Sacrament Training

Sacrament Training

Priests Blessing of Sacrament

Sacrament Training is all about helping all young men improve what they know, and how they do their calling within the Aaronic Priesthood.
New Deacons and New Members in the Aaronic Priesthood especially benefit from this activity.

Sacrament Training Areas Covered

  • We will first go through the Sacrament passing schedule, and correct dress code for the deacons
  • Followed up with the preparation of the sacrament Bread and Water by the Teachers.
  • Last of all we cover the sacrament prayers and go over any questions the Young Men May have.

We have also from time to time invited some of the New Elders to participate in this Mutual Activity.  This gives them some much needed instruction as to not be so overwhelmed when asked to assist with the Sacrament in either Passing, Preparing or Blessing of the Sacrament, depending on the numbers available on a Sunday.

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