Mutual: Duty to God Revision and Family History Training.

family history training mutual activityThe young men are asked to bring their duty to god books every week to mutual. This week we talk to the youth in regards to how they are going with it and set goals for them. The second part is The Family History Training which is pre arranged with the Family History Consultants in the ward, and they work very closely with the young men.

Family History Training Mutual Activity:

This requires a little bit of planning to tie it in with the Family History Consultants. Each Quarum group will get two training sessions throughout the year with Family History. We usually split the class up into their respective age groups, Deacons Teachers Priests for this course (one group at a time) as it lets the Priesthood holders bond together. It makes the class a more manageable for the Family History Consultants. The youth are encouraged to find names for their own families history, but they can also work on other Latter Day Saint Members under direction of the consultant, if their family work has already been done or is proving to be difficult.

The other youth will work on their Duty to God booklets, these can also be done on-line. A member of the Young Mens Presidency will work with each youth, in setting goals and targets to complete their DTG sections in their age groups.

The Duty to God program is a tool to help Aaronic Priesthood holders:

  • Strengthen their testimony and their relationship with Heavenly Father.
  • Learn about and fulfill their priesthood duties.
  • Apply the standards from For the Strength of Youth.

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