LDS Combined Mutual: Ice Blocking Activity

Summer time is a great time for out door activities. One of the favorites which is done once a year is Ice Blocking. This LDS Combined Mutual activity is really fun and the youth really look forward and get involved class bonding experience.

What is Ice Blocking?

Block Ice Mutual LDS activityWell its sliding down a steep grassed hill lying on a block of ice during the  warmer summer months.

This activity requires a little bit of planning first so it is a success.

What is required:

  • 3 Blocks of Ice large enough to sit on Approx 15-20 Liters Volume of Ice with rope attached.
  • 3 Towels or Potato sacks so you dont get a cold behind.
  • A large grass steep hill
  • Some refreshments

Depending on your location you may have to ring a few Ice Suppliers to see if they can supply the Ice Blocks with ropes attached. Prices usually between $10 to $20 each depending on size. The rope is used to help carry the blocs of ice and also to help pull the blocks back up the hill.

Ice Blocking How?

Ice blocking lds mutual activityBasically once you arrive at the top of a hill unwrap the Blocks of Ice from its plastic layer and place the towel on top of the Ice Block. Sit on the Block with your feet out in front and get someone to give you a little push to gain more speed. Be prepared for some crashes if you dont remain in a straight line. We have found its best to leave the blocks of ice out in the sun for 10 min to help them melt a little on the bottom to help them slide faster.

Once at the bottom grab the rope and pull it back up the hill and do it again. Variation to the activity are races, train, standing (not recommended) and lying down on the block. (Planking)


Can I Make My Own Block Ice?

Sure if you have a large enough chest freezer. The way we have done it in the past is with a medium sized cardboard box lined with plastic. The plastic must be fully sealed with no holes. Fill the box 3/4 full of water and place in the freezer. Its a good idea to place a knotted rope in the water so it freezes with the rope already in it. But you can add a rope in the end by drilling out the Block Ice from one side to the other and pushing the rope through and tying off.

The rope is required to help pull the Block ice back up the hill easy. The longer the rope the better.


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