LDS Mutual: Computer Networking and LAN Party Gaming

LDS Mutual Computer Networking


One activity that gets full attendance with many of the youth bringing their non member friends, is our LDS Mutual Computer Networking and LAN Party Gaming night. Some of the young men are quite handy in helping set all this up, and we usually host this activity twice a year. If the Young Men are available during the school holidays, we even host it at someone’s house, on a non mutual night for extra fun.

Having a large group of teenage boys in the LDS Young Mens Program has its benefits. INSTANT TEAMS….. But the LAN part requires a little of thought and planning.



LDS Mutual Computer Networking Equipment List:

  • Wireless Router or LAN cables if Hard-wired.
  • Headphones.
  • Power Boards.
  • Extension Leads.
  • Flash Drives for easy sharing of files.
  • Spare Mice (someone always forgets one).
  • Laptops for everyone (most youth should have their own, some have 2 so find out who needs one and arrange for it to be borrowed)
  • Some PC Games.
  • Refreshments.
  • Tables and Chairs (church supplied easy).
  • A Go to Guy for the technology problems (very in demand).


Ask the young men to arrive early like say 20 minutes earlier than usual, to help set up and install any games that may not have. We usually set the tables up in a large square, so all the power supplies and network cables are in the middle. Plug in the router and ask that every PC/Laptop is set to automatic DHCP. To make it easier to manage TCP/IP settings. We recommend using automated Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). DHCP automatically assigns Internet Protocol (IP) addresses to the computers on your network.

  1. Open Network Connections by clicking the Start button LDS Mutual Computer Networking, and then clicking Control Panel. In the search box, type adapter, and then, under Network and Sharing Center, click View network connections.

  2. Right-click the connection that you want to change, and then click Properties. Administrator permission required If you’re prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

  3. Click the Networking tab. Click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)  Properties.

  4. To specify IPv4 IP address settings, do one of the following:

    • To get IP settings automatically using DHCP, click Obtain an IP address automatically, and then click OK.

    • To specify an IP address, click Use the following IP address, and then, in the IP address, Subnet mask, and Default gateway boxes, type the IP address settings.

  5. To specify DNS server address settings

    • To get a DNS server address automatically using DHCP, click Obtain DNS server address automatically, and then click OK.

Teaching Opportunity:

We take usually 15 minutes of the mutual time to go over some of the more technical aspects of PC networking. Often we will have a guest speaker come in and talk about how the network works, the internals of a PC and answers any questions the boys may have. We also go over Cyber Safety and how to keep your personal details safe on-line


This can be a little tricky depending on the age group of the young men. The younger Deacons and Teachers tend to enjoy Minecraft where as the older Teachers and Priests tend to enjoy StarCraft  and Soldier of Fortune. The odd Car Racing games thrown in for good measure.

Remember to keep the Parents and Bishopric well informed of this upcoming Computer LAN Party Mutual Activity.

Alternate Wii, Xbox, Playstation:

An alternate to the Mutual Networking Night is to bring some game consoles. The Wii is always a favorite as there are some great sporting games that are team based. Have a game off for the best score. Most chapels should have a TV or projector so GAME ON. Just remember to bring spare remote battery’s.

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