LDS Combined Mutual: Car Servicing and Maintenance

lds mutual learn to fix carWe have a few mechanics in our ward who jumped at the chance to offer some basic instructions to our youth on a Mutual Activity Night. When becoming the Ward Young Mens President one of the first things i done was to go to the Elders and High Priest Quorum to ask the Brethren if they had any specific skill that I could use to call on them to help with the Mutual Program once a year. A lot of Ideas flowed from that meeting..

Car Service Topics Covered:

This activity covered the basics of servicing your car

  • Checking Oil and Coolant Level and topping up if necessary
  • Checking Battery Water Level
  • Changing Flat Tyre
  • Filling up Windscreen Water Reservoir

This activity can be either a Young Mens or Combined activity if the group is not to large. You do not even have to have a mechanic instruct the class, as a lot of the instructions should be in the car owners manual. Like where to place the Jack to change the tyre etc. Just prepare to get dirty so bring some rags and liquid soap to wash up. Get the Young Men or Women to do all the work but just instruct them. This makes the activity more engaging rather then them just watching.

This activity can be followed up on another night with more advanced instructions like actually doing an oil / filter change, or a coolant flush on a car. maybe even do the work on a youths car or a member of the ward that may require some service.

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