LDS Combined Mutual: Progressive Dinner

progressive dinner mutual ldsOnce a year the Youth of our ward do a Combined Mutual Progressive Dinner. This activity involves going to 3 different members homes for Entree, Mains and Desert. This activity requires planning in advance and transport for all youth. We usually assign the meals to parents of youth if the are able to accommodate us.

Combined Mutual Progressive Dinner:

You can plan some games to do at each house, but its must be fairly fast as its eat and run depending on distance to travel to the next house. If time is short you can plan for desert to be back at the chapel. Apple Pie and Ice Cream works well as a fast preparation desert. Its important to notify the family’s that the youth will require just a fast cheap meal. Nothing fancy this will keep the cost down and enable the activity to run smoothly.

A fun game we have done during the Progressive dinner is to give each youth 5 small pegs. They attach these to apart of their clothing. Rules are set for Key words. So basically if a certain word is spoken by one of the youth the person who hears it gets to take a peg off them.

For example if the Key word is (What) and I ask a quiet question and they say what! I get their peg. Person with most pegs at the end of the night gets a prize.

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