LDS Mutual Activity: Learn To Tie Knots

lds mutual learn knot tying activity

Youth Tying Knots,

LDS Mutual Activities that get all the youth involved, tend to be successful in bringing the youth closer together as a quorum. A great activity that will help them in life is the Learn to Tie Knots Activity

LDS Mutual Learn To Tie Knots Equipment?:

  • Enough rope for all of the youth. One piece each about 1m in length
  • Some broom handles cut to 30cm lengths.  (can use Chair and table legs to cut down costs)
  • Instructions on how to tie different knots. Great info at animatedknots.
  • Knife to cut rope.
  • Enough Instructors to teach some basic knots. Some one on one instruction will be required. Common knots to include are: Reef knot, Bowline, Clove Hitch, Figure 8, Half Hitch, Sheep-Shank, Slip Knot and many others.

I prefer to use the double braided soft rope about the width of your little finger to teach rope tying. Its gentle on your hands and is easy to tie / undo. Just buy the cheap stuff from the hardware store that feels soft and it will do fine.


If you have some time try lashing some pieces of broom handles, or larger wood pieces together. Use longer lengths of rope or twine to lash parts together. If outside lash some longer branches together to make a stretcher and carry someone with it. For a larger activity make a raft and lash together the logs. Get it right otherwise the youth will be going for a swim.

As Young Men Leader I loved to do this activity as I learned to Tie Knots the correct way rather than just a one stop Granny Knot. Which always gave me a hard time to undo. Teach the YM the difference between knots and their uses.

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