LDS Mutual Activity : Write Letters to Missionaries

missionaries letters


A few times a year the youth will get together during mutual and write to the missionaries letters, in our ward or stake. This Mutual Activity takes very little planning, just need the address of the missionaries to send letters, emails or a care package.

Missionaries Letters Address

The address for missionaries can be received from the Ward Clark, Mission Leader or Parents of Missionaries in your ward or Branch. Another place to get the address is LDS Tools from the Apple or Android Marketplace. LDS Tools is a great leader resource and I use it all the time. It will give you both the postal address and email address of the missionaries in your area.

Usually the Missionaries will have a email address. If you can try and get some youth to write emails and some to write letters, as missionaries like to get both forms of letters.

What To Write Topics

Give the youth some topics to write about. This will set them on a correct patch and get them focused. Topic ideas may include spiritual experiences, new callings, achievements in school or work and questions for the missionaries. Hopefully the missionaries will respond to each letter. In my experience they have.


Missionaries Care Package : What to Send

If you want to send something larger you can send a care package. Get the youth to bring something small to include in a box with the letters to send out to the missionaries. Items can include youth favorite items like

  • Chocolate or lollies, Tim Tams
  • Vegemite or other hard to get food items
  • New Ties
  • Inspirational Books
  • Sermon MP3s or CDs and Uplifiting music

What Not to Send

  • Liquids : Most likly break or leak and go everywhere
  • Heavy Items, Postage will get expensive
  • Money in any form
  • Expensive items

Remind the youth that the Missionaries will love the effort they are putting into Letters and Care packages and who knows one day they may be on a mission themselves. Let me know below in the comments what other items you have sent to missionaries.



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