Aaronic Priesthood Lessons

Choosing the right Lesson for your youth is vital in keeping safe in this ever changing world. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has developed Basic Doctrinal Principles in a format that is especially tailored to our youth of today. The Aaronic priesthood lessons are a guide for the teacher and class members.

Teaching for Conversion:

The 4 principles that you should follow for effective teaching are:

  • Love the youth
  • Decide what to teach
  • Make a plan
  • Help them learn, let them teach

We sometimes assign one of the Young Men to teach an Aaronic Priesthood Lesson. This is under full instruction and guidance of a member of the Young Mens Presidency. This has been a great success as it teaches the YM what is required to prepare a lesson and makes all youth more reverent in class.


Basic Doctrinal Principles : Aaronic Priesthood Lessons