Beach Cricket
Combined Mutual Cricket Activities are always a favourite with our LDS youth. Indoor, Outdoor or Beach Cricket with a soft ball make these activities fast and fun. Indoor cricket is a quick fast game, we use  chairs for the wickets at each end and if […]

Combined Mutual: Indoor, Outdoor or Beach Cricket

Combined Mutual Youth Temple Baptisms, is a great spiritual way for the youth to learn and do the work for their ancestors . Our youth will usually bring their own names to the temple and they will be baptised by proxy for the names they […]

Combined Mutual: Youth Temple Baptisms

LDS mutual beach volleyball
Combined Mutual: Volley Ball or Earth Ball Volleyball   Combined Mutual Volleyball is a great way to get the Young Men and Women together and have some good clean wholesome fun. Volleyball is a ward favourite so much so that parents often join in on […]

Combined Mutual Activity: Earth Ball Volleyball