missionaries letters
A few times a year the youth will get together during mutual and write to the missionaries letters, in our ward or stake. This Mutual Activity takes very little planning, just need the address of the missionaries to send letters, emails or a care package. […]

LDS Mutual Activity : Write Letters to Missionaries

lds mutual activity learn knot tying
LDS Mutual Activities that get all the youth involved, tend to be successful in bringing the youth closer together as a quorum. A great activity that will help them in life is the Learn to Tie Knots Activity LDS Mutual Learn To Tie Knots Equipment?: Enough […]

LDS Mutual Activity: Learn To Tie Knots

Youth service project mutual
Part of the Young Men’s Duty to God is to provide Service in some form or another. A great way to do this is to set a Mutual Service Project for the Young Men. Young women can also be included to make this a combined […]

LDS Mutual: Service Project Activity

progressive dinner mutual lds
Once a year the Youth of our ward do a Combined Mutual Progressive Dinner. This activity involves going to 3 different members homes for Entree, Mains and Desert. This activity requires planning in advance and transport for all youth. We usually assign the meals to parents […]

LDS Combined Mutual: Progressive Dinner

LDS mutual job search skills activity
Getting your first Job in life can be hard for some youth. To give them a head start in life we as a Quorum once a year do a LDS Mutual Activity involving Job Search Skills. We go over what it will take to stand […]

LDS Mutual Activity: Job Search Skills

Learn First aid mutual activity
Part of the Mutual Program in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is to teach the youth life skills. A class favourite is always the Mutual First Aid Activity. Maybe because we get to wrap each other up in Bandages and learn […]

LDS Mutual: First Aid Training Activity