Combined Mutual Activity: Earth Ball Volleyball

Combined Mutual: Volley Ball or Earth Ball Volleyball


Combined Mutual Volleyball is a great way to get the Young Men and Women together and have some good clean wholesome fun. Volleyball is a ward favourite so much so that parents often join in on the fun. Usually 6 to a side and rotate through so everyone gets a game. We have a ward volleyball net and poles that can be set up in minutes in the cultural hall.

We have also purchased a beach volleyball net which can be set up down at our local beach which is fun for extreme diving to get the ball. The youth can get very compensative at times. To mix it up a little try and hire a Earth Ball and use that as a Volleyball.

Earth Ball Volleyball

The Earth ball is such a large ball to even contemplate using it for a volleyball is insane but it works and is so much fun. The team will need to work all together to be able to push the ball over the net.

Its not heavy but just awkward to lift thats why you must work as a team.

We usually hire the Earth ball for around $70 for a week. These earth balls are quite expensive to buy and as only using them a few times a year dos not warrant the investment at this stage. Earth Ball Activity works best outside but we have also played it in the cultural hall with the volley ball net. Dont forget to get a electric pump or manual pump as well, because its a long time blowing up by mouth….


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