Combined Mutual: Indoor, Outdoor or Beach Cricket

Combined Mutual Cricket Activities are always a favourite with our LDS youth. Indoor, Outdoor or Beach Cricket with a soft ball make these activities fast and fun. Indoor cricket is a quick fast game, we use  chairs for the wickets at each end and if you hit the ball you must run. (Tap and Go).

Combined Mutual Cricket Rules: Indoor

  • If the ball  bounces once you are allowed to catch it with one hand and then the batter is out.
  • If it hits the wall once you can catch it with one hand and the batter is out.
  • Throw the ball at the wicket while they run between them is also out.
  • Hitting the ball to then end of the cultural hall is 6 run on the full, or 4 runs along the ground.
  • Auto wicket keeper is out if hitting the wall on the full behind the batter.
  • Cant be out on the first few balls.
  • The Youth can bowl underarm if they wish.

2 batters at a time can create more competition, or if you only have 1 cricket bat then thats fine as well. You can play cricket indoor in the cultural hall but if its a nice day outside why not go to your local park and have a full game or cricket. It wont be as fast paced and the youth will have to run further to get the ball, but its fresh air and sun.

Some youth may have trouble bowling over arm, so to help the youth we also give them the option to bowl underarm. If playing in the cultural hall make sure to only use a soft ball to protect the cultural hall features and fittings.

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