Combined Mutual: Youth Temple Baptisms

Youth Temple Baptisms

Combined Mutual Youth Temple Baptisms, is a great spiritual way for the youth to learn and do the work for their ancestors .
Our youth will usually bring their own names to the temple and they will be baptised by proxy for the names they submit.

Parents are often encouraged to attend with the youth to help out with the sacred ordnances, and support them.

Youth Temple Baptisms:

If you have a youth going for the first time to do baptisms, assign another youth to show them the ropes. This will make them feel more comfortable. Explain in a class room lesson before heading to a baptism session, the importance of Temples and the sacredness of the ordinance work that are performed at the temple. Remind the youth to bring some change of cloths and to wear their Sunday best to the temple. Follow up with the Ward Clark to who may be requiring a temple recommend or when they may be expiring and to got them renewed.


Arrange in advance transport for the youth to attend the temple. To and From, often car pooling is a great idea. A great way to top off the night is to stop off somewhere to get some ice-cream on the way home.

Follow Up:

Dont forget to follow up on the youth who couldn’t make it for various reasons and to offer support. Also talk to the youth about their experiences in the temple, as often the youth will have a very special sacred experience which they may like to share.

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