LDS Mutual Activity: Job Search Skills

LDS mutual job search skills activityGetting your first Job in life can be hard for some youth. To give them a head start in life we as a Quorum once a year do a LDS Mutual Activity involving Job Search Skills. We go over what it will take to stand out in a crowded Job Seekers Environment. As finding your first Job is one of the most Important challengers you may face at this young age.

Job Search Skills Topics Covered:

  • Resume Writing:
  • Cover Letter and Buzz Words
  • References
  • Interview Techniques


Most of the Youth wont even have a resume at this stage in their life so its a great time to start getting them ready. We usually bring a few examples of resumes of Leaders, for the youth to look at or you can download some examples off the Internet. This gives them structure and format to start adding in their own achievements. Get the youth to bring a Laptop or if they dont have one some scrap paper to start the process.

Job Cover Letters:

Cover Letters are usually the first thing an employer will look at. If it dosnt make the cut, they will not usually look at your resume. The cover letter must be filled with the requirements of the job position you are going for. Or in other words Buzz/Trigger Words. Looking at on-line Job adds will demonstrate these words. For more information on writing cover letters see notsealed info.

Job References:

Encourage the youth to seek out referees or references for their resume, explain the importance for this and be willing to offer your services as a Leader.

Employment Interview Techniques:

The final part of the evening is the Interview. This can be a stressful time for the youth so prepare them in possible questions to be asked and the appropriate answers that should be given. Doing it in an open class room setting is fun as it gets to show the rest of the Quorum some of the tough questions they may be asked. Seeing their piers deal within this environment helps them learn a great deal and will hopefully put them ahead in the job market race. Hopefully they learnt some great Job Search Skills.

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